Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 8

Emily had lots of dreams the night before. She journaled about it and thought about things she can do to earn money when she gets out but is still on probation.

She thought that she would like to apply for a grant.

Another thought was writing a book like Ronald Alexander's, "Wise Mind, Open Mind." She thought of using inmates as a target audience. Dr. Alexander is about James' age. Dr. Alexander gave a speech in Washington, D.C. during the Vietnam war. She thought that perhaps she could start a practice similar to Dr. Alexander's in Atlanta with probationers as clients. She wouldn't move there but she wanted to incorporate her writing time with working with the inmates.

She thought of working as a trustee there and finish her novel (or her memoir that is fictionalized). She thought of how her stories could be blogs or short stories.

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